Today's Host: Gary a& Sarah Offered a London Flat to COVID nurse

Sarah and I had been searching for ways to help the NHS by putting our flat in Kings Cross on several sites for free and received no response. We read about Joseph’s story and the amazing rooms4nhs. We are so happy that Sinthu called us straight away and was able to move in the same day and leave the travelodge where she had been for three weeks. The NHS are the backbone of this country and the work they are doing is immense and there are only limited ways us normal people can help them outside of abiding by the lockdown rules. The rooms4nhs is a brilliant opportunity for all you people with empty places to allow one of our heroes to have a shorter commute, outdoor space or even just more private space to relax and unwind. Please help where you can. Keep up the great work Joseph and the team.

We can not thank the hosts working with us enough. Their generous offers to NHS staff help reduce the extra burden the staff may experience during this difficult time.

Big thanks

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