The Warmest of Feeling: Thank You

This message gives me the warmest ion feeling.

I did take the offer and what I have ended up with is something so much nicer than I could have even hoped for at a time like this! And with the additional kindness of not having to pay a penny which I am still reeling from!

Thank you so so much for this service - for your quickness to respond and following everything up and giving me a genuine offer of accommodation and not just a wild goose chase... I've had so many wild goose chases in the past few weeks and was getting really desperate. Your kindness of running this and the kindness of the people offering the accommodation has completely blown me away and I can't really find the words to thank everyone involved. But THANK YOU. Not sure where I would have been without your help. Best wishes and stay safe too! Hannah, NHS Staff

We are so please Hannah was able to find a place through Rooms4NHS to continue her NHS job. We hope to be able to help many more thanks to the generous offers of the British people.

#Rooms4NHs #COVID19 #NHS #NHSEngland #HomesforNHS 🤩🤩

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