Photographer Initiative To Join Rooms4NHS

Photographer Sam Pelly heard of an NHS nurse who was travelling from East London to the hospital she worked in West London, and using late night transport. This journey added huge stress and anxiety to her state of mind, as the train was often empty due to staff shortages. This was on top of the stress of needing to find somewhere to isolate, was placing on her. He offered his vacant flat to her, which meant a 10 minute walk to work, and this made all the difference to her well-being.

He realised there must be many more ‘fiends’ places available and so reached out to find others to help.  He now has many properties available to help.

This is an incredible achievement to help our NHS staff. We can not thank you enough Sam.

If you are an NHS staff in need for a place to stay near work in London, Please register on and we will link you with Sam and others who are will help.

Image (attached) of Sam with his three daughters & dog Trevor!

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