Patrick Rejoins COVID Frontline

"Rooms4NHS was fantastic! I was put in touch to one of the kind people offering their available space and we arranged it from there. I’m now working on the covid response team and can go back to a comfortable home. Thank you very much" Dr Patrick Deniz Hurley.

This testimony really makes our day at Rooms4NHS. Receiving this news is heartwarming and more so that this doctor was able to go back to work with COVID response team. Big thanks to our host Jacqueline Pan who offered her lovely flat too Patrick. Jacqueline has been very prompt in her response. She met Patrick on the day he arrived and he moved in later on the same day. Jacqueline said " I am very honored to host NHS workers. Looking forward to host more!".

Rooms4NHS is very grateful for the fantastic support of our hosts who have stepped up to help NHS staff at all levels.

If you would like to help please fill in the registration form or get in touch with us

Patrick after his first shift with COVID response team

Jacquline gorgeous flat, that she offered to Patrick

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