One door Close; Another open

Recently, it’s been clear that when something ends, another thing begins. An ending can make us feel very upset, but it’s true that if we look carefully a new opening eventually comes to us.

Following my eviction from my rented room in Oxford due to Coronavirus landlord fears, I left the house feeling very upset. My drive home to Wirral was very emotional. In fact, I feared that if what I have experienced is experienced by other medics or NHS staff, we will face an unprecedented failing of the public / NHS relationship. But this did not last, thanks to the great British public who offered support and help to me and other NHS and keyworkers.

A new chapter in life started and my believe in the NHS support was resurrected. The messages of support and offers to help were overwhelming. One of those were Mia and Graham who offered there newly renovated house to NHS staff in Oxfordshire. And soon I found myself in a warm lovely house. Both have worked hard to do up the house and due to the Coronavirus outbreak they decided to offer it to NHS staff who need an accommodation during COVID response.

I met Mia and Graham at their house where they gave me the keys and took me through a tour in the house while maintaining social distancing. Needless to say the house was immaculate, clean and very warm. They have even left a bottle of fine wine in the fridge for me, which was nice to have to chill after a very busy week at work. This felt like being at home again.

I am so grateful for both Mia and Graham and for their support the NHS. I am sure with this level of public support to the NHS, The coronavirus outbreak will soon be over.

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