An Occupational Therapist helped

Mike and Caroline have offered few NHS workers studio apartments to help COVID19 pandemic. there kind act represents the true spirit of the British people.

Hannah is a postgraduate occupational therapist at Queen Alexandra hospital has said the following:

Dear Rooms 4 NHS

Please see attached photos of me with my new hosts.

Thank you, once again, so much for this much needed service. It has been incredibly helpful.

Thank you so so much for this service - for your quickness to respond and following everything up and giving me a genuine offer of accommodation. Iwas getting really desperate. Your kindness of running this and the kindness of the people offering the accommodation has completely blown me away and I can't really find the words to thank everyone involved. But THANK YOU. Not sure where I would have been without your help.

Many thanks,


We are grateful to all of our hosts and in particular to Mike and Caroline for offering NHS staff a place to stay during this difficult time.

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