A COVID doctor offered a lovely flat in London

Our host Jacqui offered a frontline COVID doctor her flat in London. This is is her testimony:

"I am very glad to host one of the honourable NHS doctor in my flat during this challenging period of Covid-19 and thanks for Dr Alsousou to put me in touch with the doctors, whom i believe have contributed so much to save lives and to dedicate to all our welfare.

I believe all the people from the society should offer what they can to support the brave NHS workers, espeically during this Covid-19 period, for me, who can only offer the flat to make sure they have a place to rest and to recharge after work. and i am very honour to do so. 

Look forward to host more NHS workers and to continue supporting them!

All the best to the NHS workers and well done!!

Rooms4NHS team is so grateful for our hosts who offered their places to help NHS staff.

Jacqui and her lovely flat

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