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The NHS is facing one of its greatest challenges in modern history. NHS staff work hard and put themselves at risk to save the British people from COVID-19. At this unprecedented time and the heightened anxiety about the disease, some NHS staff have found themselves without residence. This happened to me and others last week. The British public response has been amazingly supportive and many offered accommodation to NHS staff who need a place to stay while fighting COVID 19. 

The aim of this page is to help connect NHS staff who need somewhere to stay with people or organisations that offered to help. 

How does it work?
Please fill the form below and let us know if you are NHS staff looking for somewhere to stay during COVID crisis or if you are a member of the public or an organisation who would like to help.

We will link both depending on the geographic location. 

This website is designed and run on voluntary basis in my spare time. There is no charge to NHS staff or landlords. Due to the huge demands and offers, there is a backlog of 1-2 days at the minute as I go through hundreds of requests a day. Hope we can automate the site soon to speed the link up. 






Helping NHS Staff

Inspired by a life-changing event, Rooms4NHS COVID Accommodation was established to help NHS staff find an accommodation during COVID-19 crisis. I am an Orthopaedic surgeon at Oxford University Hospital NHS trust. You may have seen my story on BBC or Oxfordmail or The Dailymail . Since I have received fantastic response from the great British public and many NHS or academic organisations. They offered help with accommodation and stay. Many said they would like to help any NHS staff that  have been struggling to find somewhere to stay during the COVID crisis or made to leave their residence. This page aim to help connect people and staff to help to help house staff in need.



Looking for a way to get involved with NHS Workers COVID Accommodation Rooms4NHS Check out our call for help below. We have received huge number of requests and offers. So whether you’re looking for to volunteer in your free time, or help with the site design and processing whatever help you can give will be highly appreciated.

Contact us via email to tell us how you can help. 

things we are looking to improve

1. Site design

2. Forms automatisation 

3. Data Processing 

4. Campaign advertising 

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